Did you know the actor who plays Greg in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is the same one who played young Cal in Euphoria?! Well, now you do! Keep reading to find out more about Elias Kacavas, who also stars in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3!

Who Is Elias Kacavas?

Outside of PLL: Original Sin, Elias is most well-known for his role as young Cal Jacobs in Euphoria. Older Cal is played by Eric Dane, who is the abusive, closeted father of Nate Jacobs (played by Jacob Elordi). In the cold open of season 2 episode 3, we see a young Cal fall in love with his best friend Derek, while dating soon-to-be wife Marsha. The opening scene was praised by viewers for its excellent acting and gorgeous camera shots.

Along with PLL: OS and Euphoria, Elias also stars in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3, which premiered on September 8, 2023.

Elias, who is originally from New Hampshire, attended NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for drama. He has two siblings, including a younger brother and an identical twin!

Who Does Elias Kacavas Play in PLL: Original Sin?

The 24-year-old actor plays Greg in the HBO Max reboot of Pretty Little Liars. He’s the jerky, football star boyfriend of Karen Beasley, and they have a seemingly picture-perfect relationship, emphasis on “seemingly.”

If you’ve seen the first few episodes of PLL: OS, you know that Greg is definitely not a great boyfriend — in just the first few minutes of episode 1, it’s revealed he kisses Mallory’s best friend Imogen (played by Bailee Madison) at his girlfriend’s own party!

“Greg is a very different character from Cal [from Euphoria],” Elias told Young Entertainment Magazine in January 2022. “The only thing they have in common is the fact that they both wear letterman jackets. Everything else is extremely different emotionally.”

Mallory Bechtel plays Karen, Greg’s girlfriend on the show. She also plays Kelly, Karen’s twin sister. “Playing twins is just as delightful as it is a challenge,” Mallory explained in a YouTube video for HBO Max. “There’s very much a set family dynamic where Karen is the star and Kelly is going to do everything in her power to keep the peace.”

She further explained more on Kelly. “Kelly feels like she’ll never be as talented or beautiful or as popular as Karen, but then there’s this very clever part of Kelly, too, where she is the sweeter of the two twins but she’s very strong, she’s very smart and she’s not to be underestimated.”

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