Netflix’s Wednesday has everything: a perfect Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega can do no wrong), an interesting murder mystery plotline and of course, Tim Burton at the helm. However, one of the most heartwarming, and dare we say, best parts of the show is Wednesday’s friendship with her lovable werewolf roommate Enid Sinclar, played by Emma Myers.

J-14 exclusively sat down with Emma, where she spoke about her friendship with Jenna, reflected on playing a role so different from her own personality and her favorite behind-the-scenes story on set that involves a stolen golf cart and a car chase (don’t tell Netflix). Keep reading for all things Emma and Enid.

Who Does Emma Myers Play on ‘Wednesday’?

Wednesday premiered on November 23, 2022, serving as a new rendition of the iconic character from The Addams Family franchise, Wednesday Addams. The eight-episode series asks questions revolving around a teenaged Wednesday, how she interacts with people, how she forms friendships, while also adding in supernatural elements, psychic abilities and a school for outcasts called Nevermore Academy.

At Nevermore, Wednesday meets her roommate Enid Sinclar, who is pretty much the anti-Wednesday. Enid is an optimistic, bubbly and gossip-loving werewolf who is waiting for the day until she finally “wolfs out.” Literally, the golden retriever to Wednesday’s black cat.

However, Emma told J-14 that Enid is nearly the complete opposite of her personality IRL. “I’m quite the introvert and I don’t have very much energy,” she explained. “It was very fun getting to play her because normally I play the very dark, low energy characters. She was very different from what I’ve normally done, which was really fun.”

The young actress explained that after playing Enid for seven months, she even started to adapt some of her personality traits. “I learned to be an optimist while I was there because Enid is quite the optimist and I was playing her for about seven months,” Emma said. “So I kind of adapted that into my real life personality.”

On Emma Myers’ Friendship With Jenna Ortega

Throughout the series, Wednesday and Enid become super close — although not physically (no hugs, sorry Enid) — which is also true for their real-life counterparts, Emma revealed. 

She’s incredible, I love her to death,” Emma gushed, adding that she “loved” working alongside Jenna, as she was an “amazing scene partner.”

“It was mostly just the two of us goofing around,” she continued. “We’re still really good friends and we have a great relationship in real life. I’m really glad that we got to be together.”

Another person Emma loved to work with? Christina Ricci herself! “She is the sweetest human being ever,” Emma said of the actress who played Wednesday Addams in 1991’s The Addams Family. “It was so fun getting to watch her and Jenna in the scene together because it was like two Wednesdays. But she’s so nice, so amazing, so talented. Yeah, I’m really glad that I got to work with her.”

Best Behind-the-Scenes Story on ‘Wednesday’ Set

When it comes to fun behind-the-scenes moments, Emma explained there was “so much,” and they mostly included cast members Oliver Watson (Kent), Georgie Farmer (Ajax Petropolus) and Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe).

“Most of the stories that I have are about Oliver, Georgie, and Percy normally getting into some stuff and us witnessing it,” she explained. “They’re going to hate me that I’m going to tell people about this, but there was a time that we were doing this media day and we, Naomi [J. Ogawa] and Joy [Sunday], were taking pictures. And all of a sudden we hear this yelling. It’s like, ‘Get back here.'”

She continued, “And we turn around and Georgie and Percy are bolting down the street, and there’s a man in a car chasing them. Apparently they had stolen a golf cart and then got in trouble for stealing the golf cart, and then they had to run and hide. And we were all just so shocked, and I questioned them on it and they were like, ‘Yeah, don’t tell anyone.'”

Netflix if you saw this, no you didn’t.

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