ENGENEs at your ready! ENHYPEN has officially made their 2023 comeback with a brand new mini-album titled ORANGE BLOOD, and we’re already smashing the replay button.

Keep reading for all the details, including release date and the entire tracklist. 

ENHYPEN’s November 2023 Comeback ‘ORANGE BLOOD’ Details

ENHYPEN’s ORANGE BLOOD album contains a total of five original tracks — “Mortal,” “Sweet Venom,” “Still Monster,” “Far” and “Orange Flower (You Complete Me).”

The music video for their lead single “Sweet Venom” dropped on November 17, 2023, alongside the EP’s premiere. Watch here. The track also includes an English version and a digital only remix of “Sweet Venom” featuring TikTok star-turned-singer Bella Poarch.

Orange Blood serves as the follow up to ENHYPEN’s May 2023 release, Dark Blood.

“We always try our best to participate in the making of our albums,” ENHYPEN member JAY told NME in June 2023. “For example, HEESEUNG participated in directing [‘Dark Blood’s] recording, so we try our best to make it ourselves.”


ENHYPEN is a 7-member K-pop boy group including members JUNGWONHEESEUNG, JAY, JAKESUNGHOONSUNOO, and NI-KI.

ENHYPEN was formed through a South Korean survival show titled I-Land in 2020, and featured 23 male K-pop trainees competing to become HYBE Label’s next boy group. The show aired weekly from June to September 2020, with new episodes also being posted on HYBE’s official YouTube channel.

The trainees competed against one another in dance, vocals and rap every week, with members of BTS even mentoring some of the boys in a few of the show’s episodes. On its final episode, seven members were selected out of its nine final contestants, with six chosen by global rankings and one by the producer’s choice.

The seven chosen boys officially debuted as ENHYPEN in November 2020, with their EP and lead single “Given-Taken.” The group immediately met international success, and they’ve been reaching for the stars ever since!

During an exclusive J-14 interview with the members of ENHYPEN in July 2022, SUNGHOON recommended to start their fandom journey from the I-LAND reality show from which the group was formed. “If not, I suggest you start from our debut album BORDER: DAY ONE since we’ve released multiple albums since then,” he added, noting that ENGENEs (ENHYPEN’s fandom name) can always watch the “original content” and “vlogs” on their YouTube channel.

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