The anticipation is finally over, you guys. Today is the day Every Day finally hits theaters, and we cannot be more excited to finally see what the hype is all about. J-14 caught up with cast members Angourie Rice and Debby Ryan, and they filled us in on everything from what it was like playing sisters to what to expect from the movie. Watch the video above to see our exclusive interview with Angourie and Debby.

In case you haven't re-watched the movie trailer hundreds of times (like we may or may not be guilty of doing), let us fill you in a little bit. The story follows the journey of a 16-year-old girl named Rhiannon, who falls head over heels in love with a spirit. The soul she falls for wakes up every day in a different body, proving that what's inside that really matters. Angourie dished to J-14 what it was like to act alongside all the different people who played her love interest.

She told us, "It's tough to sort of jump into intimate scenes and intense scenes with someone like you just met, but everyone was very professional. Every actor that I worked with who played A was just incredibly talented and also very kind and welcoming, which was awesome. I think I was really lucky."

Angourie and Debby also opened up to us about their friendship on and off screen. Naturally, sisters are people who have grown up side by side, but these two were totally just thrown into it. They might not have started off as siblings – but it wasn't hard for them to get in the zone of playing on-screen sisters, as they really grew a close bond off-screen as well. The two opened up to us about how they met in rehearsals and quickly hit it off. Turns out, Angourie actually used to watch Debby on TV.

"I grew up watching Debby, like I watched Jessie. I watched Radio Rebel," she confessed.

So sweet – it's safe to say these two make a really great on and off-screen duo.

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