It’s been a minute since High School Musical 3 first premiered on Disney Channel, but OG fans of the movies were absolutely shook when they noticed a major similarity between the DCOM and Rent: Live.

Aside from the fact that Vanessa Hudgens had a starring role in both productions, fans seriously couldn’t believe their ears when she hit the exact same note in Rent‘s “Over The Moon” as she did in HSM 3’s “Now or Never.” Need proof? Look no further.

We know, we couldn’t believe it either! And clearly, we’re not alone. Once fans watched the clip for themselves, they also couldn’t deny that the note was exactly the same as the one she sang over a decade ago.

One fan responded, “Stop this was my FIRST THOUGHT im dead im so glad someone made the edit,” with another person adding, “This made me walk straight into a wall.” Wow, too real.

Surprisingly, others didn’t hear the similarities at all! In fact, one person took to Twitter to tell High School Musical fans that they’re only hearing what they want to hear. What a party pooper!

They tweeted, “You heard what you wanted to hear!! Next time hear what is there!”

Honestly, though, the joke’s on that person because fans of the DCOM weren’t the only ones who noticed the all-too-familiar note. The 30-year-old actress did, too!

When she saw the comparison for herself, Vanessa took to Twitter to say what we were all thinking: “OMG DEAAAAAAD loooool.” Same girl. Same.

Clearly, OG fans of the High School Musical movies know exactly what they’re talking about, and honestly, we’re SO thankful for the loyal fan who put these two epic notes side-by-side in a video so we can freak out over it together.

Well, we guess what they say is true: “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.”

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