Okay real talk, who wasn’t left completely in a puddle of feels after Vanessa Hudgens and Phantoms dropped the music video for their song “Lay With Me?” If you’re anything like us here at J-14, we watched it several times since it’s a tribute to her High School Musical roots. V literally recreated “Breaking Free” and we still haven’t recovered from the magic of it all.

Vanessa Hudgens Music Video

So what made her want to do this, more than a decade after the movie that catapulted her into the spotlight came out? As she told E!, it was just something she knew she had to do for her fans who have been by her side for all these years.

“I remember filming [the movie] when I was 16 years old and it’s crazy how quickly time goes by. Phantoms, they started out on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel as well. We used to go to acting classes together when we were like 15 years old and we were like why not do something for our fans? Let’s go back to our roots and make it look like a Disney Channel movie. And I was like, ‘You guys, what if we just did ‘Breaking Free?” And they were like, ‘Yes, I’m there for it.’ I feel like it was a nice way to give the fans a piece of nostalgia.”

And it was a true gift to us all, Vanessa! The 29-year-old starlet went on to say that she really will never forget that era in her life that was HSM because it simply was unlike anything else.

“It was such a whirlwind, it all happened so quickly. We all traveled the world together. It’s a part of my path and my history that I’ll never forget,” she said.

Brb, crying while we rewatch these movies now.

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