Is Billie Eilish releasing another album following Hit Me Hard and Soft? The singer-songwriter just dropped her third album on May 17, but fans are  speculating that there may be more music on the way because of one lyric. Keep reading for everything we know.

Is ‘Hit Me Hard and Soft’ A Double Album?

After Taylor Swift shocked the world with her double album drop of The Tortured Poets Department and The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, everybody’s wondering if Billie will follow suit.

It doesn’t help that the very last line from Billie’s album is “but when can I hear the next one?” While this could be commentary on fans’ desperation for new content, new music, new Billie, etc., some listeners think this could be a hint that “the next one” may actually be happening.

Not only that, fans are convinced that the lyric may be referencing a popular fan theory regarding the game “ilomilo.” In the game (which Billie has a song named after), there are two creatures named Ilo and Milo, one of whom is red and another who is blue.

That being said, fans believe that Hit Me Hard And Soft — which heavily contains blue references including a literal song — could potentially be dropped alongside another album with red thematic elements.

While there is no word on another album (yet), fans are still convinced its happening after the release of her music video for “LUNCH” — which includes lots of blue and red colors. One fan posted the video on X, writing: “Billie just confirmed the double album theory AGAIN. 💙❤️”

Billie Eilish Hints at Second Album Theory

During an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music posted on May 21, Billie seemingly hinted at the possibility of a second album following the release of Hit Me Hard and Soft.

“Why did you say what you said at the end of the album?” the host asked Billie, referring to the lyric “but when can I hear the next one?”

Billie responds with a nervous “um” while looking at the camera and covering her mouth. “That’s f–king great, just end it,” Zane says, with the songstress ending the interview with “that’s fire, that’s fire — OK, done.”

Could this be referring to another album drop sometime soon? We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out (and we we hope it’s called Harder and Softer).

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