GISELLE is really that girl! The K-pop idol is a member of “It-Girl” group aespa, and was actually the last member to be added onto the band’s final 4-member lineup. Keep reading to learn more about GISELLE.


GISELLE was born in Seoul, South Korea on October 30, 2000 (a Scorpio!), to a Japanese father and Korean mother. Her Japanese name is Uchinaga Aeri. The K-pop idol grew up in Tokyo, Japan, and attended the Tokyo International School, Sacred Heart School. She speaks three languages, including Korean, Japanese and English.

She became a K-pop trainee under SM Entertainment in 2018, eventually debuting with aespa in November 2020 after training for just 11 months.

“Even when I didn’t know that music could directly affect me, I was always passionate about music; it was my only driving force,” GISELLE said during an interview with Vogue Singapore in 2021. “Music has helped me a lot, which is why I wanted to pass that same motivation and joy to others—not just in terms of lyrics, but also when it comes to sound, style and vibe.”

The Japanese-Korean star also spoke about what skills she’s most drawn to when it comes to the entertainment industry.

“For me, it’s about rapping and singing. I am always writing lyrics or humming songs,” she told the outlet. “In the past, I felt like my voice was only suitable for R&B and soft ballads. Now, I am trying to adapt my voice to singing more rock and rock ballads.”

‘Who Is aespa?

The quartet includes members GISELLE, KARINA, WINTER and NINGNING and are known for their extremely unique and futuristic concept as a group.

The K-pop industry often debut groups with differing “concepts,” which is a band’s overall theme that helps to separate them from others. For aespa, the girls have their own virtual avatars (or “æ”) that appear in their music videos, as well as an an entire virtual world called “KWANGYA,” which follows a digital realm that includes crime-fighting narratives. This “aespa universe,” is what grips so many of their fans, who are called MYs.

“To be completely honest, we weren’t exactly sure how the concept would pan out in the long run,” WINTER told UpRoxx in March 2023.”Especially how long and how big it would pan out in the future. But at the same time, we appreciated the refreshing and unfamiliar concept.”

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