Grace VanderWaal‘s next EP might not be coming as soon as you thought. The singer’s first full-length album Just the Beginning was only released on Nov. 3, 2017 – so it hasn’t even been a full year yet since she put out new music. But turns out, she had actually been working on an EP to release pretty soon – but now, it seems as though she’s scrapping the whole thing.

“I thought I finished a whole EP on tour,” Grace revealed in an interview with USA Today. “But I actually decided really recently that I hate all of my songs, so I’m starting over.”

Hey – take whatever time you need, girl! We’ll be here whenever you’re ready.

grace vanderwaal


“Maybe I don’t have an EP anymore. But I’ll have something to release. I’m just so busy!” the star added.

Her original plan, as of this past June, was to release around four songs in the near future. But since then, the plan shifted a bit.

“The thing is, albums are just becoming less and less useful. People don’t really care about albums like they used to. It’s more about the singles and pushing them out there, so I’m gonna release four-ish singles, and then put them all on an EP with two other songs and release it,” she told Teen Vogue.

OK, so maybe her EP plan didn’t play out the way she thought it would. But we know whenever she does decide to put out new music, it’s going to be nothing short of amazing. There was never a Grace VanderWaal song we didn’t absolutely love!

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