Wizards of Waverly Place is forever one of Disney Channel’s greatest shows and it still holds the record for being the longest-running series ever in the network’s history. Gregg Sulkin played the one and only Mason Greyback on the show, the werewolf who totally fell for Alex Russo, and as any fan of the show knows, they became one of the series’ best couples. The chemistry between Gregg and Selena Gomez was undeniable and their characters’ love story goes down as one of Disney Channel’s best.

mason and alex wizards of waverly place

During Gregg’s recent interview with The Zach Sang Show, he admitted he is forever grateful he was cast on that Disney Channel show out of all the ones that were airing at the time since it really was the best of the best.

“When I was 17 and had a mullet and I just had terrible style, like fashion sense, so hopefully that’s improved a little bit over the years,” Gregg joked about his time on Wizards. “I’m so lucky to have landed that specific Disney Channel show. I think Disney Channel had so many great shows on at that time, but Wizards maybe I’m just biased, but it was a little bit, in my opinion, above the rest. Families really did love that show, it had such a great message and obviously, you look at the cast and Selena’s gone on to do Selena Gomez things. And it was just an absolute blessing to be on the show with her and to on a show obviously with the Disney Channel so yeah, my life is definitely changed.”

How sweet is that? Gregg is so appreciative to have been a part of the show and he went on to explain everything he learned from starring on it as Mason too.

“How to be funny, I was never funny before that. It also taught me that this is a very small working town, so it taught me to always be grateful to every single person who works on set. I have been doing this since I was 12 years old but I think Wizards was the first time I learned the crew members really do become your family and you owe so much to them. It was my first ever sitcom so it taught me how to land joke and find that timing and I learned that mainly from David Henrie who is still like my older brother and best friend.”

OK, legit cuteness overload from Gregg right now. He is a +Wizards stan for life and just like his character Mason, loyal AF, always and forever. Precious.

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