It’s over! On November 1, 2022, Haley Lu Richardson and Brett Dier officially announced that the two had broken up years ago via Instagram Stories. ICYMI, the pair got engaged in 2019 after the Five Feet Apart actress proposed to the Jane the Virgin actor after seven years together. Keep reading to uncover details on their relationship, breakup and more.

Did Haley Lu Richardson and Brett Dier Break Up?

“Hey guys. This is me and Brett. We actually separated two years ago,” Haley wrote on Instagram in November 2022, accompanied by a photo of her and her ex-fiancé giving a thumbs up. “But life goes on and we are both existing and doing pretty well turns out.”

She added, “I’m so glad to have had the last couple years to heal and grow without the internet knowing but we kinda just wanted to share it and move on now. Love yourselves! Life is life babies!”

Brett, for his part, also posted an announcement of their split on his respective Instagram account. “Hey guys. This is Haley and I. We separated 2 years ago but we saw each other today for the first time,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “We are happy and thankful for the time we had together. (For those people who have been dying to know what happened to us). Haley’s post is better worded so go read that one! Have a great day!”

The news comes after two years of media outlet split speculation (J-14 included), after the pair suddenly stopped sharing Instagram photos of one another in 2020. Additionally, Haley hadn’t worn a wedding ring in any of her Instagram photos since early 2020. As they still follow one another on Instagram and able hang out to announce their breakup (albeit two years later), it seems that the two exes ended things on good terms.

Were Haley Lu Richardson and Brett Dier Engaged?

Haley and Brett first started dating in 2012, until Haley popped the question in 2019. “We’ve been together for seven years,” she told Cosmopolitan in February 2019. “We just want to take our time. We’re still not used to the word fiancé. It’s so pretentious in saying it. Neither of us are used to it. We still call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. We’re just engaged. And I love Brett. And we’ll get married one day.”

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