Halsey, the actress! The singer-songwriter, whose real name is Ashley Frangipane, is preparing to make her acting debut in 2023. Keep reading to see all of the upcoming movies and shows she’s set to star in.

The “Closer” singer made her acting debut as Mandy in Tony Tost’s crime-western called Americana.

According to Deadline, the movie follows “waitress Penny Jo (Sydney Sweeney) and lonesome cowboy Lefty (Paul Walter Hauser) as they plan to steal a mythical Native American artifact called the Lakota Ghost Shirt from criminals. It’s all part of a plan to fund Penny’s big Nashville dreams. Things get complicated when the lead criminal’s long-suffering girlfriend Mandy (Halsey) decides to take the artifact for her own personal reasons.”

Another acting project Halsey is set to star in also includes Sydney, a show called The Players Table. The series, which is based off of Jessica Goodman’s bestselling debut novel They Wish They Were Us, was actually presented to HBO Max by Sydney.

“When you take a project out, you want it to be as solid as it can be,” Sydney explained to Deadline in February 2021. “You want to go into that room, and everyone goes, ‘What the f–k is this? How can we turn this down? We already had an amazing filmmaker, a great team and hopefully me.”

She then realized a good fit for the show would be a close friend of hers. “So, I was like, ‘What about Halsey? She could be absolutely amazing in this.’” The Euphoria actress sent the singer, a close friend, a copy of the book and asked for her thoughts: “[Halsey] read it within like two days … and she loved it. She saw the vision that I did and added even more incredible depth and layers to it.” Together, the group presented their ideas to HBO Max and sold it.

According to Deadline, the film “revolves around a gritty hunt for a valuable rare Lakota Native American Ghost Shirt. Some are hunting for fortune, others for personal freedom, while others simply want to return it properly to its home. No longer will the marginalized be ignored – all must learn to survive, or else.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of Halsey’s upcoming movies and TV shows.

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