Halsey loves a fun makeup moment like the rest of us, but the “Colors” songstress also likes to show off their stunning natural beauty! Keep reading to see a gallery of her best makeup-free moments.

The singer-songwriter is one of multiple celebrities that have ventured into the makeup world, creating their own line titled About Face Beauty back in 2021. The brand focuses on playful colors, creating fun lip, cheek and eye products that encourage users to experiment and treat their faces like a blank piece of canvas.

“I was an art student, so I paint and I still paint,” Halsey explained during an interview with Byrdie in 2021. “Makeup has always been something I’ve just been naturally drawn to because I’m very dextrous with a brush and I know a lot about color.”

The New Jersey native explained that her love of art was actually the inspiration behind About Beauty, as she calls her products “adult crayons” and “portable paints” that you can swipe and blend anywhere on your face. (“I love drawing on my face,” she declared to the outlet).

“They’re one of the first things that I initially designed for the launch because I love super-pigmented eye shadows,” she said of her “Shadowsticks” products. “It’s just so fun for me because I can mix it the way I would mix paint. It’s fun if you’re gifted with color and application, but it’s also really fun if you’re just starting out. You can’t really f–k it up.”

Not only that, Halsey’s been doing their very own makeup for shows, tour and red carpet appearances for years.

“Here’s the thing — I’m a musician, so I’m supposed to look like me,” they said. “People feel connected to you, and they feel like they know you. You want to look like yourself, not look like someone else. And getting to sit down with your face every day and get to know it and what you look like … It definitely helps with your sense of identity, and makes you feel more accepting.”

When it comes to the ingredients of About Face, Halsey revealed it was very important to leave out irritating products such as  parabens, gluten and synthetic fragrances. “I have an autoimmune illness, so I’m very sensitive to what goes on my face,” she shared. “And a lot of my audience, they’re really young, and I just don’t want anyone putting stuff on their face that’s going to hurt them down the line.”

Click through our gallery of her best makeup-free moments.

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