Harry Styles and Lorde have finally publicly joined forces and the fandoms cannot handle it. Although it's unclear as to how well these two actually know each other, there was an adorable interaction that went on during an awards show that is setting hearts' aflutter, all thanks to two cheek kisses. Precious.

So let's break it down: both Hazza and the "Green Light" singer were in attendance at the 2017 ARIA Awards and as Harry went up on stage to collect his award for Best International Artist, he made a quick stop to say hi to Lorde and lay not one, but TWO kisses on her. Here is a video of the precious exchange:

And again, in GIF form because it needs to be appreciated forever.

Seriously, can these two get together to make some music now? Imagine how epic a duet would be, since Harry's solo music for sure goes perfectly with the type of music Lorde makes. They both have that 'we know how to make some bomb pop music while being total rock stars' vibe you can't help but become obsessed with and their songs just so happen to feature some truly exceptional lyrics too. So yes, a collab would be a true gift to us all. Mostly though, fans were just beyond happy to see their faves being friendly with each toher.

This moment will forever go down in history, especially since this a friendship we didn't see coming. As we all know, Lorde is BFF with Taylor Swift, who famously dated Harry. But it's nice to know Taylor probably doesn't care her ex and her BFF are buds, since she was cool with her friend Gigi Hadid dating her ex Joe Jonas once upon a time and well, she's all happy and in love with her new bae Joe Alwyn enjoying her life with her new number one album. So water under the bridge. Plus, Lorde has been a longtime One Direction fan. "the weirdest lil goth at the one direction concert is meeeee," she tweeted back in 2013.

And let us never forget when she totally fangirled over how stunning Harry's pics from his Another Man photo shoot turned out. The glorious pic that got the songstress' attention was the one where Harry is showing off his ravishing smile and yet has tears in his eyes. The photographer behind this shoot, Ryan McGinley shared this specific shot on his Instagram account and Lorde just had to let him know she thought the pic was "unreal."

lorde harry comment

Perhaps she is friends with both Harry and Ryan, which would explain why she's so impressed by this work from her buds and we are all about these public lovefests. Harry + Lorde is what we all need in our lives. Keep the cute moments coming, please and thanks.

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