Well, it looks like Harry Styles is a single man once again. The Sun is reporting that the singer has split from Camille Rowe after a year of quietly dating. And by quiet, we mean radio silent since TBH, kind of forgot these two were an item. 

So let’s break it down a bit: Hazza and the Victoria’s Secret model were first linked together last summer, although Harry once pretended he had no idea who the blonde beauty was during an interview with his longtime bud Nick Grimshaw. Harry and Camille had been seen out and about together a few times during their year long romance but overall, they kept things super low key. There was the time he was spotted carrying her bag for her which was just #BoyfriendGoals all around and everyone freaked out just a little bit when Harry’s super recognizable voice was heard in the background of a video Camille posted on her Instagram story. Since they were such a private couple, seemed like it might’ve been the real deal after all.

But here we are now, with it being reported the pair called it quits just two weeks after Harry wrapped his first headlining world tour. Which is interesting timing when you think about since it would seem they have more time to hang out now, and they made things work during the length of the tour too. Camille was even spotted by some eagle eyed fans in the crowd at a few of the “Sign of the Times” singer’s shows, but what’s even more wild is that his former flame Kendall Jenner was in attendance at his final tour stop in California, happily cheering him on. 

The Hendall era is over — at least for now — and it seems like Harry is doing just fine being single again. He’s currently on a boat with iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg and Karlie Kloss, who used to be besties with Harry’s other v famous ex, Taylor Swift.

It’s unclear whether the girls are still as close as they once are but since Karlie recently got engaged, perhaps she’s giving Harry some love advice. Or not since he did say he’s actually off writing new music now so maybe the breakup will inspire more hit songs. We can only hope.

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