Oh hello, Harry Styles, is that you?! The former One Direction frontman might have just completely got his cover blown as his voice was heard in the back of Camille Rowe's Instagram story. Why is this a big deal? Well, Camille is that Victoria's Secret model the "Sign of the Times" singer was rumored to be dating just a few weeks ago. The pair were seen flirting backstage at a concert in New York City. But, their secret friendship or relationship – whatever you want to call it – has been super complicated to untangle.

A source told The Sun, "Harry and Camille are in the early stages of dating. He's very protective of his relationship, so isn't going to want to make a big show of things… he seems besotted." Okay, fine. So we've got that piece of information which seems like something is definitely going on. But, of course, Hazza tried to throw everyone off while doing an interview with his friend Nick Grimshaw. When asked about Camille he said, "I don’t know her. I’m sure she’s a wonderful person." Lies, dude! Just look at his face here.


Now, there are even more pieces to the puzzle. Camille put up an Instagram story of a random woman staring out the window. She wrote at the top of the video, "Same girl." But, no one was paying attention to the woman or the caption. If listeners turn the volume up full blast – and we highly suggest you do – Harry's voice can be heard in the background. It's that low tone with the best British accent ever heard around the world.

If we heard correctly, Harry is mid-conversation. He said, "They were talking about…" Then he says something else a few seconds later but that's kind of inaudible. It sounds like he says "What are you doing?" But, we can't be 100 percent sure. If he does say, "What are you doing?" it probably means he is talking to Camille, wondering who she's getting on camera. The video cuts out right after that as she may have realized his voice caught onto the audio. But, she also didn't delete it which says something. Regardless of what is going down, Harry was with Camille and the Internet and I are completely freaking out over it.

TELL. ME. YOU. HEARD. HIM. We can't help but wonder what is really going on here. Obviously, they could just be friends. But, that sneaky little source who said they are trying to keep their relationship private and protect it while they can must have gotten their facts from somewhere. At the very least, these two are hanging out together. This video is proof of that. But, Harry is definitely a charmer and he's dated Victoria's Secret models in the past who never turned into long term relationships.

I mean, we're not saying he has a type or anything but he did have a thing with Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Sara Sampaio and Nadine Leopold. Camille is definitely on his radar. Of course, whatever is going on between them will only get out if they really want it to. But, Camille may have just outed them herself without even realizing it and we are LIVING for this. 'Carry' would be a dream!

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