The last days of aimless summer daydreaming are closing in on us, and pretty soon you'll have to hit the books with another school year instead of lightly stalking your faves on social media. You may not have even fit in a summer romance — but that's why we're here to help! We're allowing you to embrace your inner fangirl with a series of Imagines, kicking off with Harry Styles Imagines all about an end-of-summer fling.

10 Things That Would Happen if Harry Styles Was Your Best Friend

Why Harry? Well, why not? We know everyone has their One Direction alumni preferences but tbh, we couldn't think of a bigger crowd-pleaser. And with a tour kicking off in September, it feels as though he only has a limited amount of time to enjoy the season as well. Might as well enjoy it together!

Scroll down to see what your summer romance with Harry Styles would be like… and feel free to fill in the blanks.

When the two of you crash into each other on the boardwalk.

harry styles imagine 1

Why is Harry in a little vacation town? He's playing a local end-of-summer show. Also, who cares? Just try to keep your cool.

He is very sheepish about this and wants to make it up to you.

harry styles imagine 2

You'll gladly take him up on the offer.

You're both headed to the beach, so you get to know each other as you enjoy your drinks.

harry style imagine 3

…and enjoy each other's company.

Naturally, it's time to strip to your bathing suits for ocean hangs.

harry styles imagine 4

Don't worry, he thinks you look cute, too.

But you try to play it cool at first.

harry styles imagine 5

Eventually you have a great time playing around in the water.

He doesn't want it to end, so you exchange numbers, thinking he'll never call while he's away on tour, but…

harry styles imagine 6

Omg, you have to go home and get dressed up.

Naturally Harry wants to look his best too.

harry styles imagine 7

It actually takes a lot of care for his hair took look messily tousled in that way.

And he texts Niall for support on his walk over.

harry styles 8

Thank God Niall and Haz still stay in touch.

You play boardwalk games, but you're clearly better than he is at them.

harry styles imagine 9

Bless him for trying, though.

He gets you a little gift instead.

harry styles imagine 12

Eventually you get a shot of him grinning.

And then you go on all the rides.

harry styles imagine 10

You can't convince him to go on the roller coasters, but you have a moment on top of the ferris wheel.

And then he has to perform, and it zeroes in on you on the side-stage.

harry styles song

You are melting.

But Harry's tuckered out from his big day, so you just go back home to rest.

harry styles imagine 13

You're a little let down, but he just looks so cute.

Next morning he has to leave for tour and your heart is heavy as you part ways.

harry styles 14

But the next week you catch one of his interviews, and wait a minute…

harry styles imagine end

To be continued…?

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