If fans needed another reason to love Harry Styles even more than they already did, well they just got one! The “Sign of the Times” singer is no stranger to helping fans stay warm, hydrated and fueled while they wait hours in line to see him perform. Hazza gifted fans some food earlier this year while they waited to see his Saturday Night Live debut, and he just did the same for those at the Eventim Apollo in London.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared tons of pictures of the boxes of pizza and cups of warm hot chocolate the singer sent to those who have been waiting for hours just to get into the venue. Naturally, everyone was freaking out at the fact that they had been sent food from one of the biggest stars in the world. Though sadly the One Direction member wasn’t there to gift his fans personally, that didn’t stop them from being filled with excitement at the gesture.

Who could blame them? It’s not everyday someone like the “Kiwi” singer does something this nice for his fans. It just goes to show how appreciative he is of all the support he’s gotten since releasing his debut album. Though the only thing that would have made this moment even more epic for everyone, would have been Hazza showing in some cute outfit and handing out all the pizza himself. Then again, that may have caused some crazy stampede so maybe it was just easier for him to take a backseat and warm up before the gig so fans could get the best concert experience ever.

Gotta love that Harry Styles. He’s always putting his fans first, and doing what he can to give them all the love sent his way right back. Just goes to show he’s got more than talent backing him up.

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