Harry Styles has been making some pretty big fashion statements, recently donning colorfully patterned suits while on his first ever solo tour. But, he just made a different kind of fashion statement, one that connected him to our favorite former Disney Channel star, Selena Gomez. Hazza made it known that he's a big fan of the "Bad Liar" singer and the Internet is going absolutely bonkers over it. Harry was recording songs for Spotify in London at the Metropolis Studios last month. Okay, that's normal. While photos of him in the studio make it seem like he's just wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, his outfit is so much more than that.

After careful examination, fans realized that the former One Direction heartthrob is wearing a 2010 vintage Selena Gomez shirt that actually came from her world tour merch collection seven years ago. It's literally everything you wanted to see on a Monday.

Harry recorded his song, "Two Ghosts" and a cover of Little Big Town's "Girl Crush" for the streaming service. There have been a few reports that have made it seem like he was trying to send Selena a secret message all in the name of love by wearing her old merch. But we think he's mainly just supporting her as an artist and it is all very innocent. Harry and Victoria's Secret model Camille Rowe have been spotted together multiple times in the past few months, which leads us to believe he's only got eyes for her. Not to mention Selena is in a very serious relationship with The Weeknd.

Harry's support for Selena comes on the heels of an interview he did with SiriusXM Hits 1 in July. They asked him what his favorite song was at the moment to which he answered, "Do you know what, I actually really like that 'Bad Liar' song, the Selena Gomez tune? I like that tune a lot."

Between his love for her music and the bravery she displayed after she let the world in on the very intimate details of her kidney transplant, there are many reasons why he'd want to stand with Selena in any way that he can. To see artists supporting other artists is really incredible. Harry has yet to make a comment about his decision to wear the vintage Selena merch and she has yet to respond. But there's no way this didn't grab her attention, and we have a feeling she was beyond flattered.

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