Are The Jonas Brothers tall or short kings? It appears that the musical brother trio that includes Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas are a mix of varying heights and royalty. Keep reading for their exact height measurement and the photos that speak for themselves.

How Tall Are the Jonas Brothers?

The tallest JoBro is none other than Kevin (congrats, Kevin), standing at 5-foot-9. Next is Joe, who is 5-foot-7 while Nick takes the short king trophy with his 5-foot-6 height.

We would like to give a special shout out to Franklin Jonas, who is the youngest of the Jonas brothers (the family, not the band), and also the tallest: a whopping 5-foot-11.

While the bros haven’t publicly discussed their height difference, the former Disney Channel stars have admitted who they hilariously think is the “hottest Jonas Brother.”

“You know, [me and Joe] both put in our work at the gym. When we’re going to the same gym, it gets a little competitive. Maybe we can just be a hot brother duo instead,” Nick told Entertainment Tonight in 2017.

ICYMI, the brothers have been making music together since they were teenagers on Disney Channel, and dropped their most recent musical project, The Album, in May 2023. “

We did record a lot of music before and through the pandemic, but then we lived our life for a while,” Kevin told People on writing the album in June 2022. “We write together, so you’re processing it with your brothers, which is helpful.”

During the same interview, Nick teased that “it’s some of our favorite stuff we’ve ever done.” He added, “It’s easy to fall into old creative patterns, but the sound that we’re tapping into is really unique for us.”

“Wings” served as the first single off the JoBros’ sixth studio album.

“We didn’t really know which song to start with,” Joe admitted to Billboard of choosing “Wings” as the first single. “We have love for all of them and it’s hard to call it a single. … I would call it an introduction song to the album. It really feels like a good entryway into what you’re gonna hear for the rest of the body of work.”

Click through our gallery to uncover how tall each JoBro is via photos.

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