Don’t worry, guys, David Dobrik has BFF Howie Mandel‘s back! Fans started to worry about the America’s Got Talent judge and speculate that he had been kidnapped after he uploaded a DIY video to TikTok. Some followers replied and claimed his clip was “full of secret messages” that he needed help.

@baldiyadii’m scared omg, do u think he’s okay? ##howiemandel##sos##scary##intruder##share##55##police##celeb##savehim##lifeguard##santamonica##conspiracy##morsecode##secret♬ original sound – baldiyadi

Naturally, David, being the good friend that he is, decided to get to the bottom of the theories and go check on Howie. So, the YouTube star drove to the comedian’s home and filmed the entire thing.

“Howie, people are worried,” the 23-year-old said in the now-viral video. Howie replied, “I don’t understand why they’re worried!”

“Because your TikToks — they’re weird,” David hit back. The host hilariously said, “Weird? I’m 65! I’m on TikTok! That’s weird! … I’m okay! Nobody’s holding me [hostage]. I can go wherever I want! I don’t want to be near anybody.”

@daviddobrikFinally got to check on Howie!! Everything is all good @officialhowiemandel♬ original sound – daviddobrik

Following David’s TikTok, Howie made a few of his own to ensure fans that he’s fine!

@officialhowiemandel♬ original sound – officialhowiemandel

But that’s not all! Howie also further addressed the entire thing during an interview with Buzzfeed News.

“If I was held captive — and I’ve never been held captive before — I would imagine they would not allow me on TikTok,” he explained. “If anybody was really concerned … emotionally, that’s wonderful that people are that concerned. In these times, that warms my heart, that people care about other people. I love that they’re concerned.”

He added, “But on the other side, I didn’t really understand…I’m just a comedian and a father and someone who’s bored and doing silly things online. To know that someone is genuinely concerned, my heart goes out to you, and I thank you for your concern but I — I’m fine.”

So there you have it, people, there’s nothing going on with Howie!

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