Debby Ryan‘s Netflix series Insatiable is officially coming back for Season 2. The revenge comedy – which also stars Dallas Roberts and Alyssa Milano – is set to return for another batch of episodes in 2019. Netflix took to Twitter to announce the show’s comeback.

Before the announcement, Debby tweeted a cryptic message that led fans to believe another season was coming – and, well, they were right.

The series was originally supposed to air on The CW in 2017, before getting picked up by Netflix, with Season 1 premiering on Aug. 10, 2018. It follows the story of a teenage girl named Patty, played by Debby, who has been bullied and criticized for years about her weight. After suddenly losing a lot of weight, she basically is on a journey of revenge. Debby opened up in an interview with IBT about what she hopes to see in the second season.

“[I am] interested in exploring the places that Patty continues to look,” the star said, explaining how Patty is always looking to fill the void inside her.

She went on to explain how she looks forward to Season 2 hopefully showing how people search in different places to satisfy that insatiable part of them.

“Some people have found great success based off of this hole within them that is never enough and constantly looking, and they’ve found and built incredible, insane things,” she said. “Also, some people have been hospitalized. Some people have made their mothers feel like failures. I have. I’ve looked in the wrong places. And now we know where not to look. I’ve seen other people look in places, and I knew that I didn’t have to go and look there because it wouldn’t show me anything I wanted to see.”

Insatiable received a lot of backlash for the way they touch on the subject of body image. While many viewers found the show very problematic due to body shaming, others feel like it brings up subjects in a thoughtful tone. For this reason, it was very unclear whether or not the show would come back for another season. Debby has even spoken out about how she thinks the series is bringing awareness to the topics surrounding how we see ourselves.

“I’m super thankful that there is such an awareness and such a concern about these topics, and I’m really glad that we have been able to step a little bit more forward into the conversation,” the 25-year old Disney Channel alum said in an interview with E News. “To be able to know that other people are just as protective as we are was very encouraging.”

It’s safe to say there are definitely mixed feelings from the public about the show coming back for another season!

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