The queen has been dethroned! Kylie Jenner is no longer the highest-paid celebrity on Instagram, according to a new report published by Hopper HQ.

The social media scheduling tool released their official “Instagram Rich List 2020,” which reveals the top stars on the social media app and the apparent amount that they are able to charge per sponsored post. With an estimated price of over $1 million for one post, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took the top spot from the reality star and makeup mogul.

“Since last year, the actor’s estimated cost for an Instagram post has risen 15% from $882,000 per post, moving him up the list by six places,” a press release from Hopper HQ read. “Following the controversy regarding her billionaire status earlier this year, Kylie Jenner saw her earnings drop by 22% to $986,000 per post.”

“The list has been compiled using publicly and privately available data to create the most accurate list possible,” Hopper HQ said in a statement, revealing that their determining factors for the list are: number of followers, levels of engagement, influencer category or niche, audience and influencer status.

Aside from Kylie and The Rock, some pretty major names rounded out the 2020 “Instagram Rich List,” scroll through our gallery to see the top 10 and how much they’re estimated to make per post. 

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