Stray Kids leader Bang Chan seems to be friends with everyone! The social butterfly is besties with members of BTS, TWICE, TXT and even has a bromance with actor Ryan Reynolds! That being said, is his romantic life as busy as his social life? Keep reading to see details on Bang Chan’s love life.

Is Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Single?

Bang Chan’s relationship status remains a mystery, as K-pop stars are pretty much dissuaded from partaking in public relationships. Plus, it’s extremely difficult for K-pop stars to date due to their busy schedules and the rumors that usually follow, as dating “scandals” are super severe in South Korea.

No, seriously — some South Korean music companies even have dating bans on their artists so as to look “available” to their fans.

However, TWICE’s Sana revealed on an episode on Radio Star that Stray Kids and TWICE’s company, JYP Entertainment, never banned her group from having relationships. That being said, all of this doesn’t stop fans from shipping their favorite K-pop stars with one another — or worse, creating dating rumors.

Who Is Bang Chan?

The K-pop leader, whose birth name is Christopher Bahng, was born in South Korea, but grew up in Sydney, Australia, after moving down under when he was pretty young — so he speaks both Korean and English.

He’s a Libra, as he was born on October 3, 1997, and moved to South Korea to train as a K-pop star under JYP in 2011. There, Bang Chan trained for seven years before finally debuting with Stray Kids in 2018.

The Australian native has opened up a few times about what the trainee process was like during those seven years. During Stray Kids’ appearance on the Zach Sang Show in February 2020, he revealed he could still remember the pressures he was feeling at the time, with the biggest being if he could “make it or not.”

“Seven years [of training] is quite a long time,” he said during a 2018 showcase for their debut album I am NOT. “The hardest thing about it was when the other trainees who were with me would leave the agency. The most painful moments were when I ended up alone. Of those people who left, some have gone on to debut under other labels and others have changed career paths.”

Are Any Members of Stray Kids Dating?

No members from Stray Kids has ever been wrapped up in dating rumors.

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