Educated! The Summer I Turned Pretty characters kicked off their secondary schooling in the show’s second season, with Conrad attending Brown University. However, he’s not the only one who’s headed to college. Both Jeremiah and Steven have their fair share of college discussions throughout the series.

Steven, for his part, is attending Princeton. How do we know? Because he only said it a few times throughout the Prime Video show’s second season. Not to mention, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class, and gave a pretty impressive speech.

“Everything just happens. Good things, bad things, all in ways that you never expect, all in ways that are so completely out of your control that they could just drive you insane,” he says in part, while addressing his fellow students. “There are times where it feels like the world is happening to you, but remember that you are also happening to the world, so don’t wait. Make what you want happen because tomorrow isn’t promised, so you better make f–king sure that you are living today.”

While seemingly enjoying his time at Brown University, Conrad is faced with a major choice — to stay or transfer to Stanford University, which was a dream he shared with his late mother, Susannah. At one point in the show’s second season, the character actually has a panic attack — which he gets through thanks to the help of Steven — over the impending decision because he wants to say on the East Coast, close to his brother who is attending the fictional Finch College.

“It’s stuff that hit home for us and was really, really important, talking especially about mental health — which I feel like isn’t talked about enough in general — but then also with young men,” Sean Kaufman, who plays Steven, told Entertainment Weekly in July 2023 about the panic attack scene. “Chris and I lived together when we shot season 2, so we would just rehearse that scene all the time, over and over again. We worked on it so much trying to make sure that we could walk away knowing we did everything we could with that, and I hope it showed.”

Christopher Briney, who plays Conrad, revealed that he “loved” how the scene turned out in the end.

“It’s a beautiful chance to explore their relationship, which you don’t get to see all that much of,” the actor shared. “It’s referenced and talked about, and they’re obviously childhood friends, but to get to see a moment of trust between friends and Steven having his back, I loved it. I think it’s really wonderful.”

So, where does Conrad end up going to school? Scroll through our gallery to get the college details on all The Summer I Turned Pretty characters. 

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