Sharing their loyalties! Some celebrities have chosen sides when watching The Summer I Turned Pretty, revealing if they’re Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah publicly.

Lizzo, for one, made headlines in July 2023, for watching the Prime Video series and sharing her reactions on TikTok.

“OK, so I’m home all weekend, I have nothing to do but feel better, so I’m about to watch The Summer I Turned Pretty. ‘Cause y’all hoes keep talking about it,” the singer declared at the time, consistently referring to Conrad as the incorrect name throughout the videos. “I’m not into this trope. I think Colton just wants her attention. I don’t know what’s going on with my Jer Bear but I’m sticking beside him.”

Not only have the show’s famous fans weighed in on the now-infamous debate, but the stars of the series have even voiced their opinions about Team Conrad and Team Jeremiah.

“I appreciate people caring about the show. I appreciate people having opinions about the show,” Christopher Briney (who plays Conrad Fisher) shared on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast in July 2023, discussing how the teams impact his real life. “It gets a little tough when they forget that we aren’t those characters and that’s not the life we live. But, people are kind in person.”

The actor, however, has always declared his loyalty to Conrad.

“I’m Team Conrad, bro,” he admitted to J-14 in June 2022. “I might be biased, but I have to be.”

Similarly, Gavin Casalegno (who plays Jeremiah Fisher) is on his own character’s side.

“I love Jeremiah. I love the type of person he is,” the actor HollywoodLife in June 2022. “He’s just so much fun and can really just bring life to any room he enters. Personally, I’m Team Jeremiah.”

While Lola Tung (who plays Belly Conklin) has to make the hard choice of Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah in the show, she’s not on either team in real life.

“I have very much been Team Belly the whole time, especially going on this journey in her shoes,” she told HollywoodLife. “I think Chris and Gavin are both such great actors and people and bring so much to Conrad and Jeremiah, and it was so easy to love both of their characters and to create those specific relationships that Belly has with both of them. I mean, how can she choose? They’re both so wonderful and I’m very much … I think she should follow her heart and focus on her journey.”

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