Avantika is booked, busy and educated! The breakout star who played Karen Smith in the 2024 Mean Girls musical movie, is proving that she can do it all *and* make it to class on time. Keep reading to see where she goes to college.

Is ‘Mean Girls’ Star Avantika Go to College?

The 19-year-old is a freshman at Columbia University in New York City, and began her first semester in early 2024.

“I grew up in an Asian family, so education was a very big priority for me throughout my childhood,” she told Elite Daily in February 2024. “I hated the narrative that you couldn’t go to college and also work in entertainment, so I decided very early on that at some point, even if it took me a little longer than it would for most people, I wanted to go to school.”

As for why she chose Columbia, the Mean Girls star says it’s always been her “dream school” since she was a child — plus the campus being in the middle of New York City, helps too.

“You can get the full college experience while also having access to these cool things that you couldn’t see if you were in Connecticut,” she added.

What Is Avantika’s College Major?

Avantika’s major is Cultural Anthropology, which she chose to in order to “influence” her “worldview in a more production sense.”

“I also fell in love with anthropology,” she added. “I would love to be a producer at some point in my life. As a producer, it’s important that you understand all kinds of audiences and where they come from and the cultures behind them. That also informs the scripts you choose to bring to the screen.”

She also added that her school is “expensive,” and thought it would be redundant to study film as she’s already “grateful and privileged” enough to be “in the industry already.”

“I didn’t want there to be this stigma that you couldn’t go to college and also have a creative career, that you would have to sacrifice one for the other,” she concluded.

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