Since performing at the 2023 Video Music Awards, TXT‘s Yeonjun has the entire internet in a chokehold, solidifying his status as K-pop’s “It-Boy.” So, is the K-pop idol off the dating market? Keep reading for details on his love life, rumored relationships and more. 

Is TXT’s Yeonjun Single?

Yeonjun’s relationship status is a mystery, as K-pop stars are pretty much forbidden from partaking in public relationships. No, seriously — some South Korean music companies even have dating bans on their artists so as to look “available” to their fans.

That being said, that doesn’t stop fans from shipping their favorite K-pop stars with one another — or worse, creating dating rumors that aren’t even based in reality.

For his fans’ part, Yeonjun has only had one dating rumor in the past, with Le Sserafim‘s Yunjin. In January 2023, internet users were quick to ship the two stars together after finding “evidence” of the pair dating which was allegedly taken from Yunjin’s personal Spotify account.

The account, which was titled her name, “Huh Yunjin,” included multiple songs that she had previously recommended to fans in the past. What sparked the dating rumors was a drawing that was used as her profile picture, which included a girl and boy that looked pretty similarly to Yunjin and Yeonjun, wearing outfits and hair colors they’ve both sported in the past.

The sketch also resembled Yunjin’s own drawings that she’s included in multiple of her music videos for her self-produced songs like “I ≠ DOLL” and “love you twice.” Both K-pop stars work under the same music label, HYBE Entertainment, who never publicly confirmed or denied the dating rumors.

Most fans of both TXT and Le Sserafim are pretty skeptical over the rumors, believing it to be another instance of fan shipping.

One Twitter user wrote, “One thing that’s REALLY [unbelievable] about the Yunjin/Yeonjun dating scandal is the fact that the playlist was public. Like if that playlist really were to exist, there’s a high chance that Yunjin would’ve made it private no matter how sure she was that her [account] was known to a few.”

Are Any Members of TXT Dating?

Outside of Yeonjun, no other member from TXT has been wrapped up in dating rumors.

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