Jaden Michael is the next big thing! The young actor has been booking huge roles left and right, including Netflix’s 2021 limited series Colin in Black & White and Prime Video’s upcoming series Harlan Coben’s Shelter. Keep reading to meet the star.

Who Is Jaden Michael?

Jaden, 19, already has a ton of acting jobs under his belt at such a young age. One of his first big acting jobs was in Netflix’s The Get Down as Rafe. He’s also appeared in shows and movies like Blue Bloods, Gotham, Vampires vs. the Bronx and Colin in Black & White, where he played former NFL star Colin Kaepernick.

“Part of the auditioning process was having a conversation with Colin,” Jaden explained to Interview Magazine in 2021. “I had to get his stamp of approval. I had a zoom meeting with Colin and we spoke for an hour and a half about music, movies, pop culture — specifically from the 2000s.”

He continued, “We spoke about being Black in America and facing different kinds of challenges, specifically as a Black teenager. While I did get to learn a lot about him through the conversation, I feel like I learned so much more about myself just by talking to him, hearing him talk about his childhood, how he took the challenges that he faced and how it built the person who we all love today.”

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Who Does Jaden Michael Play in ‘Harlan Coben’s Shelter?

Jaden will be playing the character of Mickey Bolitar in Prime’s Harlan Coben’s Shelter. The show is based on the novel by the bestselling author Harlan Coben as part of his Mickey Bolitar trilogy.

Shelter tells the story of high school junior Mickey Bolitar (Jaden) “as he navigates his new life with a mom in rehab, a dead father, an annoying aunt, and a new school in New Jersey with a camel as its mascot,” according to Deadline. “When a creepy old lady who may or may not be a ghost tells Mickey that his father isn’t dead, Mickey is sure he’s losing his mind on top of everything.”

Mickey makes a friend in fellow high school student Ashley Kent, another new student — until she goes missing as well. As Mickey searches for her, he learns that everything she told him was a lie, “and that he is in serious danger unless he gets to the bottom of what happened to her and his father.”

Sage Linder will be playing Rachel Caldwell, along with Constance Zimmer as Shira Bolitar, Tovah Feldshuh as Bat Lady and Brian Altemus as Troy, among others.

The eight-episode series will debut August 18, 2023 on Prime Video.

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