Netflix released Heartstopper in April 2022 , and fans can’t get enough! Keep reading for everything we know about season 2.

The LGBTQ+ TV series is based off a comic from Alice Oseman, who also wrote and produced the show. It follows the love story between high schoolers Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke). After the show was released, fans were ecstatic to see the similarities between the original comic and the series: some camera shots were taken right off the page of the book!

“This is definitely the best adaptation I’ve ever seen,” said one user on Twitter, while posting side-by-side comparisons from the comic and show. “Okay @NetflixUK serious talk now… Heartstopper season 2 when?” said another user.

Additionally, a lot of viewers appreciate that the actors are the same age as their characters. In an interview with the Guardian, Coleman said it was integral for the teens to be played by teens, and not thirty or twentysomethings, which has become the norm. “There aren’t enough shows where teens are played by real teens,” said Oseman. (See: this article)

Anyway, fans are freaking out over this new show and have been showering the cast with so much love. “It’s been so, so supportive, and overly positive. And I think that’s one of the great things,” Kit told Digital Spy in April 2022. “By the nature of it being a graphic novel series, we had that amazing fanbase kind of translate over to us. They’ve all got such a passion about these characters.”

When asked about their hopes for season two, Kit and Joe both responded excitedly. “Because the series is based off the graphic novels, and there’s graphic novels pushing further on than the series goes, I think that potentially season two could see the next chapter of Nick and Charlie’s relationship. Maybe more of Elle and Tao,” said Kit.

Joe agreed, “I think I would love to see more Elle and Tao,” he said. “Honestly, watching the show ourselves, and obviously reading the script, seeing their relationship unfold was so beautiful, and you really, really just want it to happen. I was on the edge of my seat for episode eight. So I really would love to see them go further.”

He continued, “Obviously, Nick and Charlie, I’d love to see their relationship— you know, there’s so much maturity within those two characters, and I’d love to see that grow even more. Tara and Darcy – you can never get too much Tara and Darcy. I’d love to see more Isaac, you know? More Isaac would be wonderful.” Netflix, are you hearing this?! More of everyone, please!

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