So many of the most iconic television shows take place in high school, but the actors aren’t always as old as the characters they play. From The Vampire Diaries to Riverdale and even 13 Reasons Why some stars in these fan-favorite series were actually well into their 30s in real life while acting as teenagers on TV.

J-14 went ahead and did some investigating, and the real ages of some characters may take fans by surprise. It turns out, the actors who play high schoolers — like Ross Butler, Ashleigh Murray, Troian Bellisario and Paul Wesley — are actually a lot older than you may think! It’s no secret that often times in TV shows and movies, the stars behind the roles are much older than their characters, but being over 30 in high school is kind of crazy, right?! Well, prepare to be seriously shook!

Scroll through our gallery to uncover 14 actors who were over 30 years old when they played teenagers in movies or on TV.

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