When you're watching Riverdale, you might often find yourself wondering how old the characters actually are. I mean, they live some busy lives between tracking down a serial killer who calls himself the Black Hood, basically solving all the crime going on in the twisted town, enjoying a milkshake at Pop's and taking part in extracurricular activities. So no, they don't live like typical teenagers, like at all.

And while all of the main cast is young obviously, they're not nearly as young as the characters they're portraying. Some of them haven't been a teenager in a super long time if we're being honest here! But the fact that they all can pass as teens is part of the magic of television and you know, just the actors being genetically blessed, beautiful specimens. Since everyone wonders how old these characters are compared to the actors' actual ages, we went ahead and found that all out for you. You're welcome.

Check out the pics below to see all your Riverdale faves and their ages.

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