Ever wonder who the best kisser on Riverdale is? Well, KJ Apa is spilling the tea on the subject once and for all! While making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, the actor was forced to answer the talk show host’s most burning questions, and boy, did he reveal a lot about the series and what really goes down when the cameras stop rolling.

So it turns out, the best kisser in KJ’s opinion isn’t his on-screen girlfriend, Camila Mendes or Lili Reinhart! Drum roll please… the 22-year-old actually gave Rob Raco the award for best kisser in the Riverdale cast! Say what?!

“I’ve kissed him actually. He’s a very good kisser — he’s definitely better than all the girls,” he dished.

As fans know, Rob played Joaquin DeSantos in the CW show, who locked lips with KJ’s character, Archie Andrews, back in Season 3 when they shared a cell in prison.

Archie Joaquin Kiss

Ellen then asked the New Zealand born cutie who from his costars he wanted to date, but KJ unfortunately wouldn’t give an answer. He did, however, reveal what Cole Sprouse really smells like!

“Burning wood and cigarettes,” he shared.

As for his favorite part of playing the infamous comic book character, the star chose his bright red hair. He also opened up about the weirdest gift a fan has ever ever given him!

“A photo of myself. I think that’s really weird because A) I’m not keeping any of these photos, and B) it’s me. I would like them to send photos of themselves rather than me so I can know who’s sending them,” KJ explained.

Last but not least, the actor got real about the thirstiest fan comment he’s ever seen.

“Someone wanted to pay me to go on a date which I thought was kind of thirsty,” he revealed.

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