Ever since it premiered back in March 2017, everyone has been obsessed with 13 Reasons Why. It’s constantly filled with twists and turns that always leave viewers on the edge of their seats — and fans cannot stop watching it! The Netflix series — which just aired its fourth and final season — stars Dylan MinnetteKatherine LangfordTimothy GranaderosRoss ButlerDevin DruidMiles HeizerJustin PrenticeBrandon FlynnAlisha Boe and Christian Navarro and more! But there’s one important question about the series that’s on everyone’s minds, and that is — how old are the characters IRL?

J-14 went ahead and did some investigating, and the results may take fans by surprise. It turns out, the actors play high schoolers in the show, but they’re actually a lot older than fans may think! Yeah, it’s no secret that often times in TV shows and movies, the stars behind the roles are much older than their characters, and the same goes for the 13 Reasons Why cast.

Scroll through our gallery to uncover the kids from 13 Reasons Why‘s ages in real life, and prepare to be shook.

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