Warning: Spoilers ahead. Drop everything now, you guys, because Clay Jensen is seemingly responding to fan emails, and we’re so here for it! That’s right, the famed 13 Reasons Why character played by Dylan Minnette has been replying to messages from viewers after revealing his email address in the show’s final episode.

For those who missed it, throughout the entire season, Clay dealt with some of his dark demons through therapy. But at the end of the show, he came to the conclusion that he’s going to move on from Liberty High to attend school at Brown University. In a heartwarming scene he, and the rest of the gang, buried Hannah Baker’s infamous tapes from Season 1 — after a minor cameo from Katherine Langford herself — and promised to come to each other in a time of need.

But that’s not all! Before leaving high school once and for all, Clay met a new girl — named Heidi — who would also be attending Brown University too. So, what did he do? Gave her his email (percyakr2161@gmail.com), of course! Now, fans have started writing messages to the account and, get this — they have actually received some replies. A few fans even took to Reddit and shared their responses.

“I asked him if he was still in touch with his friends,” Holiday scar captioned the screenshot of their email exchange.

I asked him if he was still in touch with his friends from 13ReasonsWhy

Someone else, in another message, asked if he ever started dating Heidi at college.

“I’m getting to know Heidi — but starting off as good friends. I’m trying to not fall madly in love the first time I see a person,” Clay seemingly wrote back, according to the screenshot from Reddit user SuzyFreckles.

A third message even helped clear up some confusion from Season 4 — like how Winston received a copy of Bryce’s tape in the first place after Jessica destroyed it. At this time, it’s unclear whether or not Netflix is responsible for this seriously epic email account or just a fan, but either way, we’re so here for it!

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