Warning: Spoilers ahead. Well, guys, the end is finally here. That’s right, on Friday, June 5, Netflix released the final 10 episodes of fan-favorite series 13 Reasons Why, and we’re seriously emotional about it! Along with the show’s finale came a lot of answers to questions that viewers had over the past four seasons, especially when it came to Alex Standall’s sexuality.

For those who missed it, throughout the first three seasons, the character was shown in relationships with women. But in the latest season, the show had an entire storyline surrounding Alex’s sexuality and his attraction to men, like Zach Dempsey, Winston Williams and Charlie St. George. In the end, Alex and Charlie ultimately ended up in a relationship after the quarterback came out as bisexual to his dad in a powerful scene. Alex even brought his boyfriend home for dinner to meet his family. And get this — the couple was even crowned as Liberty High’s prom kings!

After the show officially hit Netflix, many fans took to social media and praised 13 Reasons Why‘s representation of LGBTQ+ storylines throughout the final season.

“On a happier note I’m glad we got more [LGBTQ+ representation] this season and I’m glad Charlie coming out as bisexual went so well with his dad. And when Alex told his parents he was dating Charlie, like phew, this really did make me happy,” one person wrote. Another added, “I’m so glad they introduced bisexual characters in [Season 4], we need more shows to do so! There’s still so much stigma around bisexuality [and] it needs to stop. That’s why I feel like a #Chalex spin-off would be great [because] there’s still so much more to say about all of it.”

A third person wrote, “Can’t express how important it was for me to see myself represented in media. I know 13 Reasons [Why] is problematic in some ways, but this one they got right.”

One Twitter user even shared Charlie and Alex’s adorable dance scene at the prom alongside the caption, “One of my [favorite] scenes in the series. It was so refreshing to see a bisexual guy on tv like Charlie, and as a bi guy myself it felt extremely comforting @13ReasonsWhy. Not to mention how wholesome this is.”

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