The cast of 13 Reasons Why has an important message to any fans who may be struggling. Yep, when asked about the message that they hope is delivered through the upcoming final season of the Netflix show, Ross Butler, Alisha Boe and Brandon Flynn got real about the important things they learned throughout their time in the show.

“I think the biggest thing that I want [fans] to take away from the season is high school is just the beginning of your life. You’ve just got to survive high school, you got to get through it,” Ross explained to Pop Sugar. “It’s tough, but there’s so much after. And if you can get through the trauma and the craziness that is high school, you’re going to see a whole new open world on the other side. High school is not everything.”

“Yeah, I’d say just be there for people when you can and you’ll probably realize that universally that will come back around for you when you need it,” Brandon added. “Stick close to the people who you care about. You’ll never do it perfectly, but the attempt is what matters.”

Alisha added, “Be a decent person, just consider what other people might be going through. You don’t know.”

13 reasons Why

The three stars also got real about what fans can expect from the finale and how they feel about saying goodbye to their roles.

“I think there’ll be satisfaction, hurt, despair, abandonment. People have an attachment to our show, which is an awesome thing. It’s something that I’ve become very grateful for, but it’s ending, so you can’t please every part of someone’s wants and desires,” Brandon said. “But I think we gave it our all to make it a really great story and end on a note that makes sense, instead of just ending on a pleasing note.”

“We’re obviously all going to stay in contact, but we kind of went through this crazy experience together, and it will live with all of us forever,” Ross told the outlet, with Alisha concluding, “I think we all have created this strong bond that is very hard to break, and we’re all going to really look out for each other and cheer each other on and hope the best for each other. I personally want to see everybody that I worked with on the show go on to have amazing careers. I think we’re all just collectively excited to close this chapter, but also start our new futures.”

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