Is 13 Reasons Why‘s final season the end for Justin Foley (played by Brandon Flynn)? Some fans sure do think so! That’s right, a group of Reddit users have made some pretty major predictions for Season 4 — set to premiere on Netflix on June 5 — and almost all of them are sure to give viewers a serious case of heartbreak.

First, let’s talk about Justin’s death. Reddit user baldeman has some pretty convincing evidence as to why they think the character is going to meet his untimely demise as the show comes to an end. Most notably, they predicted that Justin’s addiction would ultimately get the best of him and lead to his death. Another user even pointed out that the show may have foreshadowed this storyline in Season 1, when he and Jessica dressed up as Sid and Nancy at the school dance. For those who don’t know, both Sid and Nancy died.

Some theories surrounding main character Clay (played by Dylan Minnette), say that he will experience a psychotic break and predicts that he’s the one who spray painted “Monty was framed” in the show’s trailer. Reddit user official_caligula wrote, “The actual victim of the show is clay. He’s been through so much and is literally traumatized, for real, after everything. He literally sees ghosts. I think that this season will focus on Clay’s psychology and he might go insane in the end.” Others agreed and added that he may be feeling guilty so he spray painted the wall. Viewers know this isn’t too far-fetched, since Clay was responsible for some graffiti in earlier seasons.

Other notable ideas for Season 4 plotlines included, that Tyler will finally be arrested for attempting to bring a gun into the school dance, Monty is actually alive and was not killed in jail and, finally, that Bryce left behind his own set of tapes (just like Hannah) apologizing for all his wrongdoings throughout the entire show. Yep, these 13 Reasons Why fans are seriously getting us excited for the show’s final season. And if any of these theories are true, we’re seriously going to be on the edge of our seats the whole time!

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