On Saturday, December 28, one excited fan spotted Zendaya out and about in Oakland, California, but mistook her HBO series Euphoria for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Trying to surprise her son, the fan decided to film a video with the actress.

“My son ain’t gonna believe this,” she said as the 23-year-old smiled and waved into the camera. “Say ‘hi Jordan!’ Guess who it is? Your girl from the show 13 Reasons [Why]!”

The actress was quick to realize the mom had the television shows mixed up and politely corrected her.

“Oh, I’m not on that show. I’m on Euphoria, darling,” the actress said. To which the mom replied, “You’re not on that show? Oh, I said the wrong show.”

Both the fan and Zendaya were able to laugh off the mistake before the video ended.

As fans know, this hilarious video came just days after HBO announced that the fan-favorite series would return for a second season in 2020. On Monday, December 15, the network released a video teasing all their upcoming releases for the next year. Although there was no exact date, they did say that a new season can be expected sometime soon.

For those who missed it, Zendaya confirmed earlier this year that she would reprise her role. On July 19, 2019, the actress told fans that the series would return for a second season.

“Literally just got the call. Can’t say thank you enough for the support we’ve seen, wow,” she wrote on Twitter reposting an article that announced Euphoria season two.

Although it may be too soon to tell exactly what storylines the second season will bring, it’s safe to say that viewers will be seeing a lot more of Barbie Ferreira and Storm Reid

Barbie told the New York Times that she wants her character to have an LGBTQ+ storyline in the upcoming season. “I think Kat’s a little queer, but that might be my perspective,” she said before revealing that she wants Kat to “make bad decisions,” throughout season two.

Subsequently, Storm confirmed her return to Entertainment Weekly and assured viewers that, “The questions that you may have specifically about the eighth episode will be answered in the first couple of episodes of season two.”

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