Fans may remember Ross Butler from his Disney Channel days, but ever since playing Zach Dempsey in Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why, fans have been obsessed with the total heartthrob. But when it comes to his relationship status, the actor likes to keep things under wraps.

“It’s hard because we’ve been in COVID for a year now, so I haven’t gone on any first dates in a while. I’m out of practice. My dating life is a little cold right now,” Ross told Glamour in February 2021 about his relationship status. “I’m kind of waiting. I’ve just been working on career stuff and taking the time to learn more hobbies.”

When it comes to date night activities, the actor actually loves game nights. “Since I’m the host of the game night, I don’t want to bring a girl over who isn’t about it or doesn’t want to play. That’s just not going to be fun for anyone, and that’s not a date I want,” he also told the magazine.”

As for his ideal first date, Ross is a total romantic! “I think dinners are overdone — and if you don’t get along, then you’re stuck together for an hour or so, which is horrible,” he advised fans while chatting with Glamour. “Bowling is a great date, as old-fashioned as that sounds. I haven’t done laser tag, but I think it’d be great. I did painting on a beach once. Just something that has an activity so you can get your mind off pure conversation — even if it’s a coffee date, make the coffee together.”

Take note, ladies, because the Netflix star wants a girl who has “a curiosity and appreciation for life.” From the sound of it, Ross is totally single and ready to mingle! “I think love is really easy, because it’s an emotion. Either you love someone or you don’t. If you have to force yourself to love someone, then maybe that isn’t really love,” he added during the Glamour interview. “I think the harder thing is being able to discern whether or not you truly are in love with someone — it’s one thing to love someone, and it’s another thing to be in love with someone.”

Who has Ross dated in the past? There’s been rumors that he’s been linked to a few girls, but other than that it seemed like there’s only onscreen love interests for the star! Scroll through our gallery to uncover a complete breakdown of Ross Butler’s love life.

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