Fans may remember Ross Butler from his Disney Channel days, but ever since playing Zach Dempsey in Netflix’s hit show 13 Reasons Why, fans have been obsessed with the total heartthrob. Because of his good looks and incredible acting skills, many of his 8.2 Instagram followers have wondered if the actor is single. Well, we broke it all down!

Throughout his time in the spotlight, the newly 30-year-old actor has kept his personal life pretty under wraps, but that hasn’t stopped all his biggest fans from wondering if he’s involved in any type of romantic relationship. There’s been rumors that he’s been linked to a few girls, but other than that it seemed like there’s only onscreen love interests for the star.

But has Ross been in any relationships in the past? Is he still single? Has he spoken out about his relationship status? Not to worry, guys, because J-14 is here to answer all your questions. Scroll through our gallery to uncover a complete breakdown of Ross Butler’s love life.

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