Ross Butler is heading to Taipei! The 13 Reasons Why actor stars as Rick Woo in the upcoming book-to-movie adaptation titled Love In Taipei. Based on the book called Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen, keep reading for details on the Paramount+ Young Adult romance.

What Is ‘Love In Taipei’ About?

Love In Taipei follows an 18-year-old girl named Ever Wong (played by Ashley Liao) whose parents surprise her with a trip to Taipei for a cultural immersion program. There, she meets her two love interests, Ross’ character Rick, a sports prodigy, and Xavier Yeh (Nico Hiraga), an artist and heir to a tech empire.

Who Stars In ‘Love In Taipei’?

The film stars Ashley Liao as ever, Ross Butler as Rick, Nico Hiraga as Xavier, Chelsea Zhang stars as Ever’s friend Sophie, while Cindy Cheung plays Ever’s aunt and guiding force, Shu.

Ashley is best known for her roles in Always Be My Maybe, Fuller House, Secret Society of Second Born Royals and Physical. As for Ross, he is known for several large-scale roles including 13 Reasons Why, Riverdale (for that 1 season), Shazam!, Shazam! Fury of the Gods and the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before films.

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As for Nico, he got his start on the indie film Skate Kitchen, which led him to star in films such as Booksmart, Netflix’s Moxie, Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between, Rosaline and The Power. You also might recognize him from Olivia Rodrigo‘s music video for “brutal.”

The lead actress of Love In Taipei explained that getting to work with Ross and Nico “was a dream,” during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in June 2023.

“Having an Asian American cast with Asian American love interests is incredibly special to me because I didn’t see a lot of girls that looked like me on the screen when I was younger,” she says, noting that one of her most formative roles was playing teenage Sasha in the Ali Wong and Randall Park Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe.

“There has to be something between Asian American romantic films and dumplings because I eat xiaolongbao in both films,” Liao laughed. “I am so incredibly proud to be Taiwanese American and honored to get to tell these stories.”

The film, she explained, is about “following your dreams no matter how much they scare you and, if you’re Ever, having a little fun while doing it too.”

When Will ‘Love In Taipei’ Be Released?

The romantic comedy will be released on Paramount+ on August 10, 2023.

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