A coming-of-age tale! Jordan Fisher calls his upcoming Netflix movie, Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between, a “transformative” love story between two high school seniors. In the flick — based on the book by Jennifer E. Smith and set to premiere on Wednesday, July 6 — the actor stars as Aidan who is deciding whether or not to stay with girlfriend Clare (Talia Ryder) before they both leave for college.

“The project entirely, just, spoke to me,” Jordan tells J-14 exclusively, noting that he signed on to star and produce while filming To All the Boys 2: P.S. I Still Love You after falling “in love with the human aspect” of the story.

“The thing that drew me to the project is really just the human aspect of what this YA romantic comedy is all about,” the Netflix star continues. “It really is just about two people that have an idea of how they want to do something, which is so normal, right? Especially in high school. … And things change, and plans change, and how OK it is that things change and plans change. I was trying to rack my brain and think of anything that’s existed like this, especially that’s something that the YA demographic would really be able to sink their teeth into, and I couldn’t think of anything.”

Jordan explains that the film tells a story about “the most normal human real-life things that everybody experiences.” He adds, “We need to see that kind of happen in real-time. Especially for a time in someone’s life that’s so transformative. I mean, senior in high school, going to college, they just start their whole life. There’s so much.”

When it came to relating to his character, Aiden, the former Broadway star says that he drew from his experience in a long-distance relationship with now-wife Ellie Fisher.

“When we started dating, we spent the first three years of our relationship long-distance, and that was tough,” Jordan shares. “It was a little bit different, of course, because we were fortunate enough to have the means to be able to see each other on a pretty regular basis. But even so, when you’re not a part of someone’s day-to-day life, it’s tough. It’s hard to feel connected and for your relationship to feel really grounded and established in that way. I can especially see it from Aiden’s perspective.”

When it comes to revealing whether or not Aiden and Clare stay together in the end, Jordan was tight-lipped. Scroll through our gallery for everything to know about Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between

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