Ever since he starred in Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, Ross Butler has stolen our hearts! Of course, the actor also played Reggie Mantle in season 1 of Riverdale and also nabbed roles in Teen WolfK.C. Undercover and the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before flicks, but playing Zack Dempsey in all four seasons of the streaming service’s fan-favorite series, is what really put him (and his abs) on the map.

In March 2019, it was revealed that Ross secretly appeared as a superhero in the first Shazam movie. Now, he’s back for the second flick playing Eugene Choi and getting ready to flex those giant DC Comics muscles. Before heading back to set, the actor has hit the gym and, thankfully, shared a sneak peek at his toned bod!

“I work out between four to five times a week, and I alternate between a conditioning day and a strength day. They all have a cardio element to them, because right now on 13 Reasons I play a teen in junior high so I need to be trim. I can’t be huge and bulky. It’s all about maintaining my body weight and building some muscle, while cutting fat at the same time — which is annoying and hard,” Ross told Bello magazine in August 2017. “I have to alternate between strength and cardio every single day. Then every week the amount of reps changes to keep the body confused. But the roots of it all comes down to cardio.”

At the time, Ross also explained why he made the decision to start getting in shape.

“I began getting more serious about my body when the prospect of playing a superhero on screen became more real for me,” the actor said. “Now that I’m starting to meet with people who are creating superhero movies, and meeting with casting directors who are seeing me for certain things, I realize that I need to be prepared all the time — just in case I need to go in and they say, ‘Hey, so let’s see your 24-pack.’ I’ll be ready for that.”

Well, it all worked out in his favor because Ross’ intense workouts — which he told Men’s Health in February 2021 are “challenging” — is helping him stay in the best shape for whatever roles may come his way!

Scroll through our gallery for a roundup of all Ross’ best shirtless selfies and get ready to see his swoon-worthy abs!

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