Ever since it premiered back in March 2017, everyone has been obsessed with 13 Reasons Why. It was constantly filled with twists and turns that always left viewers on the edge of their seats — and, to this day, fans cannot stop watching it!

For those who forgot, the Netflix series — which just aired its fourth and final season — starred Dylan MinnetteKatherine LangfordTimothy GranaderosRoss ButlerDevin DruidMiles HeizerJustin PrenticeBrandon FlynnAlisha Boe, Christian Navarro, Grace Saif, Tommy Dorfman, Steven Silver, Michele Selene Ang and Ajiona Alexus. It was based on a book by Jay Asher and took place following the death of a high school student named Hannah Baker, who left a box of tapes behind explaining the reasons for her suicide. Throughout the four seasons, the characters found themselves surrounded by various mysteries and tried to put the pieces together after their lives were turned upside-down. Now that the show has officially come to an end, every episode will live forever on Netflix.

But what exactly has the cast been up to since they finished shooting 13 Reasons Why? Well, not to worry, because J-14 has you covered. Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown of everything the show’s stars have been up to since the last season aired.

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