Jake Paul is on his way to completely take over the social media world and he's not letting anyone get in his way. Between the haters, Disney Channel letting him go from the show, Bizarrdvark, and having stories written about the debauchery that goes on in the Team 10 house, Jake lets it all roll off his shoulders. He believes that because he has gone outside of the norm when it comes to creating content, that is what has contributed to his success. Jake has a valid point there. He is one of a kind – the first of his kind actually and he's pretty much slaying the game. No matter how you look at him, he has the subscribers and the numbers to prove that he's doing something right, whether or not the world agrees with him.

He recently spoke to Entertainment Weekly and said, "I think a lot of social media creators have always been like content and haven’t pushed the limits because no one else had pushed the limits before. I say to myself, how can I create my own TV show online every day and actually make it a real production and put effort into it."

But, it's not just his presence on the now non-existent app Vine or his daily vlogs that have got people jumping on the Jake Paul bandwagon. He played a role on the Disney Channel show, Bizaardvark which he believes not only was beneficial to him but also the network itself. He explained, "Moving forward the most successful people in the entertainment industry will be 50 percent social and 50 percent traditional, so working with Disney and being super traditional, it brought a whole different audience to me. I learned that something like that is valuable and beneficial for myself and Disney because I brought a new audience to them as well."

To say Jake is confident is an understatement. Just take a look at one of his most recent Instagram posts. He captioned the shot, "Apollo & I are here to takeover the world???”Apollo: one of the most complex & important gods, & is the god of many things, including: music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge” …. BE A GOD… BE THE LIGHT… BE AN APOLLO… TAKEOVER THE WORLD ??."

But, he surprisingly knows his place in the entertainment industry and the music world isn't it. He said, "I think its funny because I am not a musician! I want to make music and songs about things that real musicians and artist aren’t able to make songs about – you wouldn’t hear Justin Bieber making a song about homework or, like, you wouldn’t see someone make a song with their parents on the track."

It's almost as if Jake's motto is to do as many absurd things as he can and to be honest, it has been working for him so far. Just don't for one second think the Internet sensation is satisfied with what he's done. It's not over. The Jake Paulers are growing. Jake is evolving and thinking of more things to stun us with. "I feel like I haven’t even gotten started yet and I have so much more to offer and inspire so many more people and have even more fun than I’m having now," he said.

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