Say it ain't so! Is Jake Paul turning over a new leaf just in time for the fall? The YouTube personality rarely makes headlines that paint himself as a saint and he knows it. Just a few days ago he released his own diss track titled "F–k Jake Paul" where the kid literally roasts himself and encourages fans to do the same. We might enter, TBH. But, regardless, Jake doesn't get enough credit when he is charitable. He might have been his fifth grade's bully and he might have completely destroyed any relationship he had with his neighborhood, but when the time comes to donate, Jake is all over it.

It's been hard to ignore the fact that Houston, Texas has been devastatingly pummeled by Hurricane Harvey over the past several days. Not only has there been foot after foot of rain dropped on the city causing historic amounts of flooding, but people have lost their homes, their belongings, and their lives. With such a huge following, Jake decided to take matters into his own hands.

The former Disney Channel star tweeted to his 2.2 million followers yesterday and said that himself and Team 10 would be at Wal Mart in San Antonio, Texas to collect supplies for the people in Houston. Jake said that their goal was to fill not one but two U-Haul trucks with items. Knowing the Jake Paulers, that probably wasn't hard to do – kids and teens in this fandom are absolutely resilient.

However, there was only one problem. According to MySA, a local San Antonio website, Jake did not coordinate his plans with the management at this particular Wal Mart and they were completely surprised when over 1,000 people showed up. Of course, it was all in the name of a good cause but because no one was prepared for the number of people that Jake drew in, it caused a safety issue. Wal Mart employees at one point were allegedly telling people to leave and the police had to stop directing traffic to focus their efforts on this situation.

But, the whole mission was a success. MySA talked to a parent who was there and they said, "These are a bunch of kids. There was a lot of people but nobody was being aggressive or vandalizing anything." Jake did it and with much less commotion than we're used to hearing attached to his name. He posted this message and video on Twitter when everything was said and done.

Not only has Jake done this but also said he plans to donate 100 percent of his merch sales to Houston. If you can't afford to purchase a shirt since the pricetag can be steep, Team 10 has set up a GoFundMe page where any amount of money can be sent. This is the real deal, you guys. They are not messing around and Jake has used his platform on social media to spread the word to literally millions of people. Ugh, we feel like a proud parent.

So, say what you want about Jake and Team 10 but no one can take this away from them. Of course, chaos will follow anywhere they go. Obviously, there will be some drama and nothing goes according to the exact plan all of the time. But, Jake definitely earned some brownie points in our book.

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