Joey King is living every Swiftie‘s dream! Not only did she star in Taylor Swift‘s 2009 music video for “Mean” when she was only 11 years old, but she also got to star alongside Taylor Lautner in the 2023 video for “I Can See You“! The actress spoke to J-14 exclusively about her experience working with the “incredible” Grammy-winning songstress once again, calling Taylor a “historical figure at this point.”

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So, what exactly did Joey say when Taylor ~called her up~ asking to star in (another) music video?

I say, ‘Hold on. I’m on the other line with my insurance company. Can you hold for a second?’” she joked to J-14 while promoting her partnership with Hills Pet Nutrition. “I’m just kidding, I was so excited to hear from Taylor after all these years.”

Joey reminisced on the “Mean” music video, and how returning for another video after all these years felt “so special.”

“Taylor was the director of that [‘Mean’] music video and the director of ‘I Can See You,’ so getting to see her direct at that age was so inspiring,” she revealed. “Like how much she knew what she wanted, and she was so, so involved in every decision of her own image.

The Bullet Train actress explained that she remembers the video shooting “so fondly,” and while the two have since changed in a lot of ways since, Taylor still is the “same lovely human being with the same lovely heart.”

taylor swift joey king
Instagram/Taylor Swift

“Taylor’s just incredible,” she gushed. “She’s an incredible person and she loves her fans so much and she is so creative and she’s just on top of the world. I’m such a Swiftie — I mean, everyone I know is such a Swiftie. So, being in that video with her again after all these years was so special.”

The Kissing Booth actress added, “She is the moment. Like, she is a historic figure at this point.” 

When it came to choosing Joey’s favorite Taylor album, the actress had a difficult time, but who could blame her? However, she did list Midnights, Evermore and Lover as potential options.

“I mean, I haven’t narrowed it down at all, but my favorite song is ‘Marjorie.’ I think it’s the best,” Joey gushed. “Like, it just makes me cry almost every time I listen to it and always gives me the chills. It’s just like so emotional.”

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