Her impact! Taylor Swift has dated multiple celebrities in the past, and some of  her now-exes are married or in relationships with hard-core Swifties (talk about “Karma“). Keep reading to uncover all of the Grammy-winner’s exes who have significant others that are self-declared fans of Swift.

One of Taylor’s infamous exes include, of course, Joe “Mr. Perfectly Fine” Jonas. ICYMI, the couple dated between July and October of 2008. However, things turned sour after the Disney Channel alum broke up with his Grammy-winning girlfriend through a brief phone call. This inspired multiple songs by Taylor, including, of course, “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

Joe’s now-ex-wife, Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, posted the infamous Taylor track on her Instagram Stories shortly after the Eras Tour performer rereleased Fearless (Taylor’s Version) in April 2021. She captioned the post, “It’s not NOT a bop,” which Taylor later reposted, writing: “Forever bending the knee for the [queen] of the north,” referencing Sophie’s GOT character.

On top of that, the British star went on a livestream with her JoBro husband in April 2022, and told viewers her “favorite Taylor Swift album: 1989, hands down. The best.”

Sophie then said to Joe, “Although Reputation was partly inspired by Sansa and Arya Stark, did you know that?” Joe replied, “Really? That’s really cool.”

He added, “And 1989 is a great album. Bangers.” With Sophie calling the album “literally one of my favorite albums of all time.”

Another famous ex of Taylor’s is Taylor Lautner — who, coincidently married another Taylor! Taylor Dome, now Tay Lautner, is a huge Swiftie, and even took a photo with the songstress when she was a child. After the Twilight actor starred in his ex-girlfriend’s music video for “I Can See You” in July 2023, he and his wife made an appearance at one of the Nashville singer’s Eras Tour concerts.

Tay, for her part, posted about the experience via Instagram.

“The Tale of Three Taylors,” she captioned the post, alongside photos of her, Taylor and Taylor. “@taylorswift you are not only one of the most talented people to ever walk this earth (truly don’t think there is anything you can’t do) but you are also one of THE kindest people. You welcomed my husband and I into your camp with open arms and the warmest heart. The way you are so down to earth and authentically yourself after all these years of being in the spotlight is inspiring. Your passion for your work and genuine love for your fans is something so incredible. I am honored to call you a friend.”

Scroll through our gallery to see all of Taylor’s exes who have partners that are certified Swifties. 

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