She’s gearing up to tie the knot! Joey King teased that she has a surprising amount of “thoughts and feelings” when it comes to wedding planning her upcoming ceremony to fiancé Steven Piet, the Kissing Booth actress gushes to J-14 exclusively.

“I mean, the thing I’m most excited for is to marry Steven. I love him so much. He’s the best of course,” the Ramona and Beezus star shares, while promoting her partnership Hill’s Pet Nutrition. Joey reveals that the “small things” about her impending wedding have been the most stressful part of planning.

“There’s just so many decisions that I didn’t know I could even decide on,” Joey explains before adding that it’s been an “overall positive experience.”

However, one thing she didn’t expect was all the opinions she would have about certain aspects of the big day!

“The one thing is I did not know [was] that I was very opinionated,” she laughed. “Genuinely, I thought I was gonna be a little bit more go with the flow, and I am, but I’m also like, ‘Oh, I do have a lot of thoughts and feelings about that I didn’t know I would!’”

Other than wedding planning, Joey is looking forward to a lot in the next year.

“First of all I’m excited for the contract to get worked out so that we can all get back to work in our industries,” she says, referring to the ongoing 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. “I’m excited to just continue working, I love working.”

Joey continues, “I’m just excited to be married to Steven. So, I have no idea what the next few years are gonna bring and I cannot wait to see. I’m sure it’ll be full of surprises.”

With some downtime due to the ongoing strikes, Joey has been spending a lot of times with her dogs. She and Steven share pups Jesse and Fable, which is why partnering with Hill’s Pet Nutrition for their 2023 Clear the Shelters campaign was the perfect opportunity. 

“I have two rescue pups of my own and they have just enriched my life so much. I can’t imagine life without them,” Joey tells J-14, noting that she “feels very lucky” that the brand wanted to work with her, especially because she met Fable while volunteering at a shelter. 

joey king
Instagram/Joey King

“Being part of this campaign this year and being able to come and help and take photos of the dogs to help get them adopted is so special,” she explains, adding that 95 percent of adopters say that photos of the dog are critical in the adoption process. “People want to see their personalities, but a lot of these shelters don’t have all the resources to have these photographs taken so people can volunteer. I mean, there’s so many ways to help. You don’t just have to open your home to adoption if you’re not ready yet. I mean, if you are, amazing. But there’s just so many ways to get involved and help with the overcrowding and shelters and help relieve the stress off of the staff and volunteers of these shelters that are experiencing capacity issues.”

Thankfully, her fiancé is on board with all the dogs because “he’s such a dog lover” Joey gushes, before talking about her pets. “Jesse and Fable both have their quirks and their funny little things and they both have anxiety, but they both are so special and the sweetest things ever.”

She adds, “I’m also really, really excited to see Fable become more comfortable in our home and just kind of be thriving like as our dog and like just watch her age and grow and just become more herself.”

Spoken like a true dog mom, which J-14 tells her.

“Dog mom,” she smiles. “I love it.”

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