Are you ready for a second slice of Fazbear’s pizza? That’s right, Five Night’s at Freddy’s is getting a sequel! The movie starring Josh Hutcherson is currently in the works — and is coming a lot sooner than fans originally anticipated.

Keep reading to get a full breakdown on the upcoming movie. 

When is ‘Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2’ Coming Out?

Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions, which created the first film, confirmed at CinemaCon 2024 that the new film is slated for Fall 2025. While no exact date has been released, fans can expect to see the movie in theaters next year!

Is Josh Hutcherson Returning For ‘Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2’?

The nighttime security guard at the family pizza establishment hasn’t been confirmed for the sequel — but Josh has expressed his interest in coming back.

“We hoped it would connect with audiences. But I don’t think that anybody, even on our side of things, expected it to really connect the way that it did,” the Hunger Games actor told Variety in January 2024. “I’m dying to get back on set. Emma Tammi, our director, was fantastic, and it was such a fun world to play in. I’m excited to see what they are doing next.”

While it’s up in the air if Josh will be returning, it’s been confirmed that Matthew Lillard, who played the villain in the first film, has signed on for three movies with the franchise.

What is ‘Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2’ About?

During the announcement at the Las Vegas conference, no details about the plot was revealed — however, Emma has hinted that the upcoming movie would follow the second game. The director told the Hollywood Reporter in October 2023, “We have some loose ends that I think are going to have to come back in a sequel to be tied up.”

Even though Josh has played coy about his potential role in the film, it seems he knows a lot more than he’s letting on.

“I know they’re in the process right now of nailing down the story, and they want to get going as soon as possible,” he revealed to Variety earlier this year. “Obviously, the fans are amazing and die hard. For me to be a part of it was was so cool and phenomenal.”

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